Meet the Crew!

Gary S. Cendrowski

Producer and Director
Gary is the owner of Music-N-Media LLC, a production company that provides multi-media production services to businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Gary consults regularly with executives from a variety of fields to help create media solutions for live productions, multi-media conferencing, promotional projects, documentaries and films. Along with his current position as owner of Music-N-Media LLC, he also holds a position as the Director of Technology for the Performing Arts at Wayne State University.

Gary has recently been honored with working on (internet 2) Inet2 and the (Michigan Lambda Rail) MiLAR networks, for Telecasting, Telamatics and HD broadcast of original programming and collaboration in a multi-university consortium.

Philip Vaughn

Art Director

Philip has been a fixture in the Detroit business and creative community for 30 years. Philip possesses a visionary ability to streamline and re-engineer creative and business processes through expert orchestration of resources and productive business relationships.

Philip has owned his own full-service graphic arts facility, and as served as CEO for several venture capitalist projects. He has served as a trusted advisor to several international ad agencies in the development of multiple creative and marketing campaigns. Philip brought the perfect balance of "left brain" versus "right brain" mentality to the movie industry with the films Hostel III (Sony Pictures) and Close Quarters (Lifetime). Serving as Art Director for these films, Philip was able to bring his creative vision to film as well as handling the business aspect of all creative departments. Philip managed all budget reporting for Production Design, Set Decoration, Props, Special Effects and Construction. Philip delivers artistic integrity and business acumen to all of his creative endeavors.

Brandon Tennant

Production Coordinator

Brandon recently graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Music in Music Business with minors in Psychology and Business Administration.

Brandon completed his first internship with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Public Relations department, and is currently working with Gary Cendrowski at N-Media as a Production Coordinator.

In addition to his internships, Brandon has worked with WAYN radio as an engineer/producer and a dialogue/sound editor for Wayne State TV show, “Metro Arts Detroit”. On the side, Brandon runs an independent record label called Dygytal Recordz LLC. and is in the process of starting an Artist Booking agency called Tennant/Shaum Booking Agency with a fellow Music Business student, Christian Shaum.

Marcus Lovell

Director of Photography

To come

Darin Polla

Darin Polla has been working in regional theatre since 2002.

He recently returned from a four-year run at Surflight Theatre on Long Beach Island, New Jersey where he performed in main stage shows, worked as a singing dancing waiter in the Show Place Ice Cream Parlour, and performed in schools and venues across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York with Surflight To-Go, a touring educational theatre group.

In his spare time Darin enjoys video games with friends, exercise, being outside, making music with his dad, and spending time with his lady love.

Nancy Florkowski

To Come