About Us

That Camping Show is a G rated family television program incorporating all types of camping and interesting camping locations for people who enjoy nature. As we travel to various locations, we will discover fun outdoors activities and share safety tips, so come on and lets go camping!

That Camping Show incorporates family, community, learning and fun outdoor activities. During each episodes, the host will introduce fun, exciting, adventurous and breathtaking camping places, outdoor equipments and outdoor sports along with interviews of professionals in the outdoor field.

The half-hour show is composed of 2 to 4 segments, which will be different each shows. As an example, one segment will present an interview with an outdoor sport enthusiast or camping professional, such as a park ranger, a camp host, a naturalist or a tour operator. Another segment will present the area's most reputed camping individual or group. The group could be the Boy or Girl Scouts, a hiking club, travelling RV group or any group of camper, such as the tin-can.

Each episode will be focused on a specific area such as national parks, state parks, state forest or recreation areas and a particular type of camping which may include: tent, trailer, boating, back packing, biking, canoeing, RV and motorcycle camping. That Camping Show also invites YOU to participate in upcoming episode by entering for an opportunity to show America how and where you like to camp.